Take Real time control of wheelchair - Now exhaust person can drive this wheelchair with contro of steady jaw and a wink

Now exhaust person can drive this wheelchair with contro of steady jaw and a wink 

Patiens who had no longer have the use of their limbs and torso by birth or accident life must be steer through a powered wheelchair and depending on others help for controlling their wheelchair which users must often control by blowing into a plastic fair to execute basic functions.

At the present things had changed technology had developed. A new technology may shortly allow disabled patients with quadriplegia to better control their wheelchair by themselves utilized a surprising new body part to control the vehicel is the tongue. 

The Electrical and computer Engineers had designed a system based on magnets that enables disabled persons to use their own speech to control the movement of a wheelchair. The user's movements of the magnetic tracker attached to the tongue is detected by an lot of  magnetic field sensors supported on a headset outside the mouth and will get signals are transmuted wirelessly.

This system also users not only to control their wheelchair , but also wave a computer, use a cell-phone, turn on a television and much more additional things were added with this tongue control wheelchair. This was called as the Tongue Drive System, the method point to implanting a magnetic framing into patients tongues which allows them to use the muscle as a joystick of their wheelchairs. It's a unique set of specific tongue movements can be tailored for each individual based on the user's utilities, oral anatomy, personal preferences and lifestyle.

This Tongue Drive System wheelchair, becomes a great blessing for those people with spinal cord in-juries had a well-built association of wheelchair as part of their body, not an extension of immotile limbs. The human brain can easily learn to treat relevant prosthetic  as apart of their body. It goes inside the mouth to improve the carrying out better and also control a wheelchair sufficiently well to navigate the catch course and to follow specific routes.

 The researches pointed out that with an alone wheelchair users may have different needs but the recognizance software could be fine-tuned to suit particular facial characteristics and the muscular deficit. with this new assertive technology could be the key to more lives independence for thousands of people with disabilities. soon, the days are closer when disable person can depend on their on controlling their ambiance may be as easy as moving their tongue.

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