Superstar Rajinikanth Animation Film in Kochadaiyaan

Kochadaiyaan Animation Film

Rajinikanth: will be back soon with 'kochadaiyaan' :

It has been almost three years since we saw 'superstar' play the hero and two, since soundarya Ashwin's announcement of her mega budget period film kochadaiyaan  . For a Rajini fan, its the kind of wait that's punishing. so, when kochadaiyaan's official trailer was released.

Specialties of kochadaiyaan movie :

Rajinikanth's kochadaiyaan movie will be  the number one high budget movie India with a budget  of around is 125 crore rupees. kochadaiyaan movie complete movie has been shot by using the motion capture 3 D camera. The high technical values and usage of technology will mesmerize viewers in theatre. Even though in past we have, witnessed movies made based on kings and kingdoms but kochadaiyaan movie's richness in technology will surely attract the viewers.

Story of kochadaiyaan movie :

Rajinikanth will be seen in dual roles as father and son, one role will be of a king and other will be of prince. Enemies will capture the kingdom by  cheating the king and at the same time, king's wife gives birth to a prince. In order to save the murder attempt of enemies, the king escapes from their along with the prince.The father cum teaches all arts to the prince and makes him a great warrior. At the end, how the king along with his prince son has retained their lost kingdom by destroying the enemies, it is the main story of kochadaiyaan movie.

presently the movie is under post-producation work at london, film makers are trying to the teased, releasing the movie during, the Diwali festival (or) may be December 12,2013. Rajinikanth Birthday, thereby giving a grand finale to the calendar year to rajnikanth's fans.

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