Pervez Musharraf: Trail for treason

Pervez Musharraf : Trail for treason 

Pervez Musharraf is facing trail for treason for his role in forcing emergency rule in 2007, charges of which is objected as politically motivated.

Pakistan is witnessing trail for treason on a former military ruler for the first time, which had been under equal years of military and civilian rule since its independence. Pakistani court had earlier rejected Musharraf's petition against trial.

Since his return to Pakistan from his self-imposed exile, Musharraf had been accused of treason, detention of judges, killing of rebel leaders and to the death of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

Musharraf who had ruled Pakistan for over a decade had been under house arrest since April 2013. There had been rumors of under the bench deal to let Musharraf leave Pakistan before facing the trail charges in order to avoid clashes between the army and civilian government. But with the current scenario this is likely to happen with Musharraf vowing to stay and prove his innocence and also asking for forgiveness if there had been any misdoings during his reign.

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