Mexican man regains movement in new limbs after double arm transplant-so-far-successful news

After Double Arm Transplant-53 years old Mexican Man got New Life

In Gabriel Granados, age - 53 years old Mexican man both hands  had detached from just below the elbow due to badly burned after getting electrocuted while he was in a construction site  giving instruction to a group of construction workers for building a fence on January 2011. He was giving directions to the master masons to fix a fence that was actually located in an area where cable wires hanging. At that time he had a piece of rod in his hands which attracts electric power and got electric shock which burns his arms completely and damaged arteries, nerves, vessels and even bones too. For a period of time he had to live without arms.

Last May he got transplantation for both his arms and becomes the first patient to have double arm transplant procedure in Latin America. Nearly a group of 20 Medical practitioners and Medical officers including five Plastic surgeons, five nurses and three anesthetists worked out continuously for 17 hours to complete his transplant great success. This major surgery occurred in the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zurbaran.

Gabriel received his new limbs of movements from a 36 years old shooting victim and he markedly thanked to the donor's family for the 'new lease of life' and also thanks for the extensive rehabilitation such as physiotherapy at Mexican city's National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Hospital for recovered the majority of movements in his arms. After a month of operation, Gabriel has begun to feel his new hands. Before doing surgery on Gabriel, the surgery doctors did trials of transplant procedure on corpses.

 Thanks for the advanced science and for their effort of medical practitioners , medical officers, Physiotherapists, Mexico City’s Nutrient Hospital and Donor’s Family for bringing light back to a man’s Life.

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