Yosemite National Park tallest Waterfalls...

Yosemite Water Fall

 Tallest Waterfall in the United State (Yosemite Water Fall) :

Yosemite Fall in California is the Highest waterfall in the North America. It is located in Yosemite National Park and has a vertical drop of 2425 feet .

Yosemite Falls:

Yosemite Water Fall, the nation's tallest, is spewing enough water to fill a gasoline tanker truck every two seconds. The force of water at Bridalveil Fall across the valley kicks up a mist that clouds the meadow below.
It means that until the peak melt around mid-June, Visitors will experience more treacherous beauty in Yosemite.

Renowned Landscape Architect :

Working with renowned Bay Area landscape architect Lawrence Halprin and National Park service, Yosemite Conservancy embarked on an ambitious Campaign to not only restore this area, but to set a new standard in landscape design and the visitor experience.

Although, the frigid, 40-degree river that drains Yosemite Valley's snow melt is flowing at more than 1,600 cubic feet per second, carrying people and objects away at more than 10 mph. "That's infinitely more powerful than anyone can imagine, said Moose Mutlow , coordinator of Yosemine's swift water rescue program. "You can't keep up with someone if water is that fast and you're running and dodging trees."

It's dangerous beauty both in its force and in the allure that draws some people near. The Rangers warn Visitors to keep a safe distance and to be mindful the water makes granite boulders slippery.

Today the approach to Lower Yosemite Fall represents a beautiful example of the balance between preserving nature and enhancing the visitor experience. Since today visitors enjoy the results of:

  • Creating of handicapped accessible trail leading to viewing plaza and main bridge.
  • Removal of asphalt parking lot and re-vegetation of the area.
  • Habitat restoration throughout the 52acres, including stream banks and elimination of abandoned trails.
  • Construction of new rest rooms and shuttle bus stop.
  • New Picnic area.
  • Reconstruction of four bridge, removal of two.
  • Two new boardwalks over sensitive habitat.
  • Installation of education exhibits, Orientation maps and directional signage.
Only three of Yosemite's dozens of waterfalls can be counted on to flow all year- Bridalveil, Vernal and Nevada, and the last two require a steep hike."We are very lucky the timing was right,"James  Ayres of England said as he gazed at Yosemite Falls. "This is incredible.

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