Today Life is getting too easer now, Technology’s were Improvising ,and that have been given us more time to spend on Leisure and enjoying the fine tuner things in our Life. In Today’s Life Travel were getting too easier and people were giving there opinion’s. This will stay out for another 5 years also. Life is generally getting too easier but the Relationships are really getting too stained and People were becoming slow and Lazy,because of Rapid Increase in Technology.

         The Science have becoming too Advancement and Its Proved too. Because nowadays Vaccination helps  in Eradication Illness. Microwave Cooking made an easier and more convenient. Computers were improvised in Learning and Communication and Smart Devices for Geographic Locations.

          By the Terms of Women’s Independence and just say YES for the life is better cool, In the Periodic time the Women were expected to be a good House Wife’s of her whole life, Looking after Children like those things were Women done.Nowadays Women can able to do that all and then the plus have her own Independence, by earning having their own Car,House,Career,etc….

 Recently this is more Convenient for all, I mean having Computers,Telephones,Microwave,Epilaters,Waxing and the list were goes on….

          People don’t need to work hard like before for their Money as they used to. There are more Visuals and Things came much faster. Travel gets better than before (for sales people, for visiting family, for international commerce………go on) Today’s life is very Advancement and its like Technologically Driven.

            Another thing, I think it’s a very Important Aspect of a Today’s Advancement is the miracle in the field of Medicine, When my Grand Father broke his leg into four pieces like two years back,Ofcourse its too sad for me on that time, He Underwent an Operation and an iron rod was installed in his leg. So he can walk now like before. But Note these like things were not been possible in the Past Periodic time.
          Now everything has been changed from the past as well as people behave and thought. Actually people now do not know each other even if these people were their neighbors.

          In before that the past centurys, We earn a money for Saving purpose, we save our money Through Bank, from my side it’s an advanceble thinking for saving money on the past itself, But latter on it gets too advancement like Net Banking, and Mobile banking It’s a very lead processing for today people, But the Note is these things were making people too Lazier.

           So for finally I wish to say for the Past and for the Present, In the Past people are active, but not satisfied in the Science and medicines. In the Present period we are really welcome our New Advancement Technology’s and the Improvisation of the Education, but by the Advancement of technology Improvisation we are getting too lazier. But for Science and Medicines Advancement is really needed more for this Present Life Style.

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