From ashes to diamond

From ashes to diamond 

A grief-stricken father from Italy had transformed his dead son into a diamond literally if the reports are to be believed.

The synthetic Remembrance Diamonds are made from the cremated ashes from which the carbon is extracted and goes through the process of filtering and decontamination. Then the carbon is placed in a chamber where intense pressure and high temperature is applied which equals to the pressure and temperature of a volcano. The whole process could cost over $18,000 and a period of eight months.

The father who had earlier lost his 20 years old young son who had been killed in April this year in a car crash had

The 20 years old son had been killed in a car accident earlier on April 2013 had been buried in Treviso, Italy. The 55 year old father later came up with the idea had exhumed and cremated his son's body before sending the ashes to Switzerland in April. He had received his Remembrance Diamond this month after an eight months patience wait.

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