- "ANTI-CORRUPTION FAST" - Anna Hazare Initiated his fasting to go by the anti-corruption laws in the Parliament

Anna Hazare initiated his fasting to go by the anti-corruption laws in the parliament.
Anna Hazare demands an powerful law that prosecutes the politicians and civil servants who suspected of corruption.
His early fast made the government and parliament to pass the bill in the lower house but still it was not approved by the upper house by 2011.His 12-day fast led to the idea being introduced in parliament in 2011.
Early by tuesday10th december,2013  Mr.Hazare the 76 year young man of anti-corruption started his "indistinct " hunger strike in his village located in Maharashtra.
This time people from local area around 5000 had gathered to extend thier support to this man in white.
Mr.Hazare early addressed the reporters stating that congress government betrayed him during his early fasting strike about passing the bill.
The government after losing the 4 state in the recent election is going to face the new trouble via this hunger strike by the 76 young man.

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