New Flexible Organic Light Emmitting Diode

Flexiable OLED
A Flexible OLED is comprise a flexible plastic semiconductor on which Electroluminescent Organic Semiconductor is deposited.

The Most important Application Flexible OLED is in Smart Phones which is being developed mainly by the Korean Companies LG and Samsung.

LG has named its first FLOED product as LG FLEX and SAMSUNG has been granted  GALAXY ROUND trademark by USPTO indicating a new line of flexible display Gear from the Korean behemoth.

The big benefits of this new FOLED Display is The Bendable & Unbreakable characteristics. That is unlke the current displays the FOLED screen will not break even when it is banged on the floor.

The Big unkown is the Reflectivity and Brightness, Where as we are already told the 5.7' Display Planned for the New Galaxy Round will have 1080 x 1920 Pixels, hence no need to worry on Resolution.

The Price of the New Display is bound to come down with mass production planned by the Two Korean behemoths who will be ultimately joined in the Game by the Chinese Price Slashers.

World Latest New Trends Article by KalpanaKaarthik