First Impression: samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch launched in India

If I love technology and I love watches, then I love the Samsung Galaxy Gear

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is real. The slightly bulgy piece of wrist wear works in conjunction with Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets so you're not pulling them out of your pocket every time they ping or vibrate.

The body of  the Galaxy Gear is stainless steel , and at about 74 grams , it's fairly heavy.(conventional metal wristwatches can run up to 100 grams before weight really becomes a problem, but this weight is usually distributed over the entire watch, which makes it feel more balanced.)There's a sleep/wake button on the right-hand side, and the watch powers itself down quite quickly.

The Galaxy Gear is a full-color Android-based device about the size of an old calculator watch.It runs its own applications and was shown running apps developed by both samsung and third- party partners and has a pedometer that can track the wearer's activity.

The Galaxy Gear unveiled at IFA today notifies you of incoming emails, texts,and message via a Bluetooth 4.0+ BLE connection. A preview of the alert shows upon the watch's 320*320 1.63 inch super AMOLED display. you can accept or ignore those new messages.If you get a message you decide does require your attention, a smart Relay feature will bring the entire note to the screen of a full-size samsung Galaxy when that phone or tablet is picked up.

Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which will cost RS. 22,990.Till the actual launch date, samsung will let interested users walk into select stores and try out the device.

World Latest New Trends Article by KalpanaKaarthik