EU Weights on toucher anti-tobacco rules

EU weights on toucher anti-tobacco rules

In European Union had finally initiated to tighten the strings of law over tobacco products. The new anti-tobacco legislation which had been approved by the EU.

There had been a dispute among the EU over the measures to be taken to regulate the emerging market for e-cigarettes which according to some analysts will be a $600 billion-a-year market in a decade.

Under the new agreement refillable e-cigarettes packets will have larger health warnings and e-cigarettes will be made consumer products instead of being restricted as medical devices. However there could be a possible total EU-ban on e-cigarettes if three or more EU countries prohibit them on health grounds.

The new rules also do include a ban on tobacco products which contains flavors such as fruit and vanilla while Menthol cigarettes will be banned in four years.

The deal which will now be forwarded to the EU parliament after formally approved by EU ministers is expected to be in force by earlier next year.

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